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Kipsorno and Jelalang fall in love the village way. Despite many challenges, their love ends in marriage. Kipsorno is determined to risk his life confronting Jelalang’s father who threatened to slash him with a panga if he did not leave his daughter alone. The same trials and tests occur when the Jelalang breaks up with him because of rumors of infidelity in their union. In the end, their love is tested when Kipsorno goes away to the city for work and this time a city girl, Janet comes between them. But he is humbled at last and eventually goes back to his first love.


The village of Orta is faced with a conflict of culture between the old traditions such as circumcision ceremonies, religious practices and sacrifices with the modern world of individuality and Christian practices. Mzee Tere becomes the voice of the modern day while characters such as Kiplelmet are held in the old ways. Kipsorno is caught between this conflicts when he gets married. He and his wife join the Full gospel church and are seen to be walking along side by side to the disappointment of Kipsorno’s age-mates.


Kipsorno is determined to achieve the best in his life. He gets good grades in school to be among the few village boys to join university. He works for his uncle and does manual jobs to get money. In fact he makes bee hives for himself which he seeks to harvest honey. He is often persistent and even when his traps do not capture anything, he gets stronger wires and sets them better. He often gets up from failure even when Jelalang rejects him. He doesn’t take failure as an option.

Duncan Barkebo

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Duncan Barkebo is a lover of African literature, having authored several popular articles on African village stories and also leadership. He holds a Masters in Management and Leadership (Management University of Africa), a BSc in Communications and a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Duncan is also Director of LeadCast Ltd, A Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentorship Company. He is a member of various professional associations and boards of management.

Duncan originally hails from Baringo County, Kabarnet town, Bokorin Village. This is where he spent most of his life and the stories in this book rotate around the life and times while in the village. He is married and blessed with four children. He makes his home in Nairobi.

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