Memoirs Of The Village Boy

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Kipsorno, a young man from Orta, is brought up and taught in the ways of the village. He knows the value of hard work and is teeming with pure chivalry. He outwits the shortcomings of his humble background and sashays his way into a prestigious university.

As though fate conspires to support his dreams, he lands a prestigious career in the big city, but not before taking the hand of Jelallang, a submissive and seemingly naïve girl, in marriage. He marks his territory thus, and leaves his new bride to tend his home.

But the city has other ideas for him. The are vicious girls who do not respect the village boy’s rural commitments. Kipsorno has to do the delicate juggle between the enlightenment that comes with urban limelight, modern conveniences and the alluring social open-mindedness on one hand and the conscience from his roots that bags him daily on the other hand. This does not prove easy.

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It has divergent lessons-moral, skills, variable winds/modern life, home/house/family life (real depiction-this is the part am thoroughly enjoying. I can actually see my life in this book:

Zedekiah Nyamuti, NGO Worker

It is a wonderful and great book. Finally the village boy discovered himself.

Susan Warui, Entrepreneur